Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SO I'm not that Bitter

I just have to say, guys are douchebags (girls can be too). I've mentioned this person to my friends before and they know who I'm talking about mostly (no names!). But people in general can be frustrating and difficult, I know many of those people. I just don't like bull shit and I would rather just have people say what they really want to my face and tell me like it is rather than dance around the subject (or act too nice). Now I am not upset recently by anyone so everyone just quit questioning our last conversations and thinking I'm talking about you. This is just a general douchebaggery post I came up with out of some kind of thin air. Now I haven't had the best luck with guys so far as I've NEVER had any kind of stable relationship ever, and maybe it's my cynicism and negativity towards longterm relationships that stops me from ever pursuing anyone further. But...have you ever met that one person you just can't get over? I have and it's quite annoying especially when you become crazy about it and I wouldn't say stalkerish, but just desperate to make a re-connection. BUT I do have to say I had already made a connection (if you know what I mean) with this person once and spectacular/fireworks ablaze, but apparently I misinterpreted this whole situation (which sucks balls). just went downhill from there and I definitely (and it's my fault) put myself in that situation where I should have known that's how it would be. That movie/book "He's Just Not That Into You" is probably something I should pick up. It's hard though when you just find someone that fits your categories and the slots line up and you know that that is what you want. But all my types just seem not to be into me, and ladies and gentlemen I do not settle for anything less. However, I'm sure, as cynical as I am, I will eventually find that person (supposedly). It sucks when you see this person randomly (and I mean RANDOM) and they seem to know everyone else you know. So... I gotta take a hint, but I hate taking those, because I want what I want and so instead of pining after someone I won't really ever get, I'm gonna just have to wait it out and let karma take me there.

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