Friday, June 11, 2010

It is really great when you discover new tv shows, and you all know how much of a whore I am about my television. I discovered Friday Night Lights and had totally shaken it off as another stupid teen drama involving Football=boring since I don't follow sports. However, I took a leap and since I have all four seasons at my fingertips, began watching. What I love about Friday Night Lights is that the characters are very complex and add that to a group of talented and almost nameless actors you get a great show. Sometimes I think big names can overshadow a lot of films and we just see the same person over and over in the same type of films. So, when you get a show that has new, young, and untainted actors you have something more believable and enticing. The whole thing about football is central, of course, but it also represents a part of America and this thing that holds people together as one. I've always been surprised by the support people give to their sports teams and having been on one myself I understand the bond and what it takes to build a great team. I guess, when you're a small town in America, you have nothing more to than that and for most of these guys on the team, this is their ticket to a better life and into fame and excess. I didn't think that an American show could be compared to my favorite Brit series Skins, but FNL definitely does. Each episode gives a focus on a certain character and we learn the reasoning behind their behavior we have only lightly seen in previous episodes. Part of the reason people are able to connect is the gritty, documentary style filming with a lot of lingering shots showing characters reactions and emotions in a more natural way. What both Skins and FNL do is show a new generation of teens who are smart, fucked up, learning, and trying to grow up even when their parents are more immature and worse off than they are. It makes you feel like you are not alone when things have gone wrong in your life and people have their own issues you don't see outright until you figure out why friends/people act the way they do. So go check out Friday Night Lights AND Skins, I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

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