Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a working MAN!

So today I started my first day at Honda Corporate as an on-call receptionist...yes a receptionist. When people hear receptionist they automatically think FEMALE! WOMAN! LADIES! Well yes I suppose that through our times we have stereotyped this position and what's even funnier is that I am probably the first male receptionist at this Honda center. I have the necessary experience having worked in entertainment internships and dealing with busy phone lines and my most recent position working for a crazy man as his personal assistant. So it is the talk of the town so far with everyone walking by my desk as I'm being trained thinking I'm the IT guy fixing the ladies' computers (even though I COULD probably do this). So my trainer today was tallying the amount of responses they got from me as shocked people figuring out I'm the new receptionist. I mean like shock in their how preposterous, and comical. I GUESS. I think it's a lot more common in the entertainment industry with men as receptionists' rather than a more corporate setting like Honda because I didn't think about it until my supervisor said she had to write up a dress code just for me and that it was this new revolution for them. I don't mind at all and I think there needs to be some manness in this place. The comments are funny, but they will get old fast as I am just as competent as any other female receptionist. I just happen to have a funny thing in between my legs. Times are changing for me (the gay thing) and I feel like I'm helping by breaking into Honda as a receptionist and giving people a new form of "receptionist" to look up to. Or...maybe I'm just really overanalyzing it....probably....

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