Monday, May 31, 2010

Do it While You're Young

I think I've already talked about this before but I LOVE my friends. I just had a crazy memorial day weekend that included many many different and wonderfully crazy things happening. I love being able to still have a good time despite not being in college and enjoying all my friends celebrations this weekend. I have come out of my shell a lot these past few months and I've been able to do so because of them. Sometimes I say a little too much of what I'm thinking, but most of the time it makes people laugh :) I have gotten so comfortable being myself lately that I feel like I can do just about anything and not worry about who is going to judge me because when you're with your friends it's like a big shield and I ignore those that might make those judgements, whereas before that's all I thought about. I mean I walked outside in public for a good chunk of time wearing my Lady Gaga costume which consisted of spandex pants, boots, and a plastic tarp with tape over my nipples. I walked down the street with the rest of my friends looking completely ridiculous, but not scared at all for what people might say. This gaga night ended with us going up to West Hollywood and really getting down dirty. Let's just say that I was taken home but this random guy who looked better at the club, I ran outta his place back to my friends and back into the club where I found my next victim...Well also to describe the rest of the evening. If you know the song Tik Tok by Ke$ha "I'm a fight til we see the sunlight" well we saw the sunlight as we got home at around 6am. It was a VERY interesting and random night which is what I love the most. I took Saturday off. HA. Sunday night began with another round of my favorite blue moons and waiting for the stupid taxi which never did arrive. I have already used and abused second street bars over the last couple years so I really detest them especially when there are lines. I don't wait in lines...But, luckily it was a sunday and not that many people were out. I was able to get people to stumble down to evo (formerly belmont station) because it has the only dance floor on the street and I wanted to get down. I got everyone there and we tore up the dance floor like we were in west hollywood. People stared, people gawked, some said things, but I didn't care because I was with my friends and they were being just as equally crazy with me. I loved it, we dominated and we all made love on that dance floor. Nothing can describe how I feel about these nights and I have so much fun doing random and crazy things like having bruises on my knees and smelling like my friend's perfume. After we got most people home, the remaining stragglers had to sober up so we sat outside on the street talking as loud as ever until we were finally yelled at by some angry neighbors. I will never forget these nights and I don't want them to stop for a very long time, until my dancing injures me somehow....

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